Frequently Asked Questions
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Services & Coverage
Where is MendMe available?

MendMe is currently available with providers in the greater Southern California area.  Please check back with us in the coming months as we expand our offerings regionally and nationwide.

How can I be sure that the doctor or other healthcare provider has an appointment the time that I select?

Yes, when you see that the doctor you want to book has an appointment available at 10am tomorrow, they truly do have that appointment available.  Our booking system is updated in real time to reflect current availability for every one of our MendMe providers.

How do I know that my appointment really has been booked?

If you’ve reached a page that says, “Your appointment is booked,” then rest assured – your appointment is all set.  Soon you can expect to receive an email from MendMe with helpful details about your upcoming appointment.

Additional Questions
Do I need to worry about the privacy of my health records?

At MendMe, we are committed to the security and privacy of each of our patients and providers.  We are constantly working hard to safeguard your data – we understand how important it is to you – and to earn your trust.  Our website is secured and your personal health information is kept separate with your provider – completely apart from our online appointment and billing information.  We employ industry standard technology to safeguard data via strong encryption; our site is encrypted and transmitted over transport layer security connections.  We also build features that protect data on your end, automatically signing you out of your account if you’re inactive, and locking your account if your password is entered too many times.

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