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Healthy employees is a critical need for the success of business, of any size!

Whether you have health plan or not, provide an alternate, cheaper, access to more providers and doctors for your employees!

It does not cost you anything!

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Tired of Waiting?
Tired of the Hassle?
MendMe is Different.

When you have a sick child, sports injury, or other need that can’t wait, MendMe is a low-cost alternative to the emergency room, providing same-day appointments with doctors who specialize in precisely what you need. You no longer need to wait two plus weeks for a referral to see the specialist you want. Appointments are simply scheduled with a single click.

How MendMe Works
Choose Your Doctor &
Get the Attention
You Deserve.

You choose from our carefully curated group of expert doctors and specialists. Before you book you can learn more about your doctor, their expertise, education, approach, and see what others are saying about them. You choose the doctor, the time, and the day. MendMe patients receive the care, time, and attention they deserve.

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Get That Flu Shot You’ve Been Putting Off.
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