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Tired of Waiting?
Tired of the Hassle?
MendMe is Different.

When you have a sick child, sports injury, or other need that can’t wait, MendMe is a low-cost alternative to the emergency room, providing same-day appointments with doctors who specialize in precisely what you need. You no longer need to wait two plus weeks for a referral to see the specialist you want. Appointments are simply scheduled with a single click.

How MendMe Works
Choose Your Doctor &
Get the Attention
You Deserve.

You choose from our carefully curated group of expert doctors and specialists. Before you book you can learn more about your doctor, their expertise, education, approach, and see what others are saying about them. You choose the doctor, the time, and the day. MendMe patients receive the care, time, and attention they deserve.

Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors
Meet The Expert Doctors
Selected by MendMe.
Learn More & See How They’re Different.
So What Does Health
Insurance Cover,

From nutrition to counseling to fertility, it’s amazing how much insurance doesn’t cover. MendMe provides for all of these needs and more. No more waiting for a doctor and specialist and discovering they aren’t covered or you can’t get a referral. Sometimes it seems like insurance’s purpose is to not cover you. At MendMe, you name it, we cover it.

What MendMe Covers
Paying Too Much and
Still Not Getting the
Care You Need?

You have insurance, but the co-pays add up and unspent dollars go to waste. With MendMe there are no more hidden fees or rude surprises with up-front, transparent pricing that you can compare before booking, and, by cutting out the middleman, all at a cost that is oftern less than your deductible. Depending on your insurance, you can even get reimbursed from a FSA or similar account.


Pediatrician’s Office Closed?
MendMe Can Help.
Get Same-Day Care When You Need It.