Dr. Steven Hoorn, D.C
Dr. Steven Hoorn, D.C

Hoorn Chiropractic Inc
519 N. La Cienega Blvd #9, West Hollywood, CA 90048

Dr. Steve Hoorn is a Chiropractic Physician, Certified Active Release Technique (ART) provider specializing in Sport/Soft Tissue Injuries.

He is a native of Portage, Michigan. After graduating from Western Michigan University he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California.

Dr. Steve remained in private practice in San Jose for eight years, where he started his training in ART (Active Release Techniques) under the supervision of Dr. Michael Leahy.

He is a Master level ART certified Chiropractor for the: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine, Long-Nerve Tract/Entrapments, and has worked successfully with both elite and recreational athletes in California and South Florida.

Before moving to South Florida in 2003, he spent several months in Honduras learning Spanish while he helped orphaned children with brain and spinal injuries.  After 8 years at the urging of several clients,  he returned to southern California to continue his work with both recreational and elite athletes to help them reach their full potential.

Dr. Hoorn is also a former bodybuilder having had competed in several national competitions.



Qualifications & Experience
Palmer College of Chiropractic West
Western Michigan University

Dr Steve is a lifesaver. Seriously. He’s part physical therapist, part chiropractor, part massage therapist and a true miracle worker. I get shoulder and back pain despite regular Pilates, and he immediately hones in on the problem and fixes me right up. He’s also a really nice guy – always very responsive and reliable.

-Samantha S. 11/4/2016

Straight Up Exceptional. Not sure if people in Los Angeles realize how hard and how frustrating it can be to find a truly skilled Active Release Specialist. Just had an initial consult and first treatment with Doctor Steve Hoorn on N La Cienega in West Hollywood. I have been trying to find an A.R.T. specialist and Chiropractor who can work on a nagging lower back injury. This man is as good as it gets. First things first he took his time with me as a patient and it was 1 on 1 (he wasn’t bouncing between 2, 3, or 4 patients at the same time in his office). Second he stretched and adjusted all parts of the body – he didn’t just focus directly on the trouble spot. Last – the adjustments were thorough and effective. One more thing — he doesn’t over commit his patients financially — he didn’t try to sell me on a 12 visit package for bunch of money. Frankly he didn’t have to. I will be using Dr Hoorn for maintenance and preventative adjustments either weekly or at least on a monthly basis. If you have a trouble spot or something that is not resolving go see Doctor Hoorn. He will solve your problem. Very relieved and thankful to have found Doctor Hoorn.

-Matthew D 8/5/2016

Excellent chiropractor! Very professional & experienced. Provided great patient care & is extremely punctual.

-Tan N. 11/11/2015